43KB jpeg. Near-contemporary map showing location. This pill-box can be seen when exiting the M6 North at Junction 44, Greymoorhill, the last exit before Scotland. To put it into its proper context, I have shown where it is on a 1950's road-map (blue dot, right, NGR NY 395 598). The embrasures look East and North, possibly looking at the main A7 to Longtown, and the Houghton road, which leads to Crosby-on-Eden aerodrome. RAF 14 M.U Carlisle lies to the West.
This pill-box does not feature on the Inland anti-invasion defences list , and is probably of military origin. Hadrian's Camp - a large wartime training establishment - was about a mile or so south from here, though I am told it might have had something to do with the nearby Kingstown aerodrome - now long gone and subsumed within the trading estate.

General view, looking West.

54KB jpeg. General view looking West

This pill-box does not look particularly fortified!

50KB jpeg. Not very fortified!

View North, nowadays guarding against invasion up the M6 J44 slip-road.

46KB jpeg. Guarding against invasion up the M6 slip-road.

A Turnbull adjustable machine-gun mount for a Vickers .303 lies rusting in its embrasure.

39KB jpeg. Rusty Turnbull adjustable machine gun mount still in position.

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