Russell W. Barnes'


1950's postcard of Workington

A look at Workington from the mid-20th Century to the early 21st Century

The Past is Another Country

Into the hazy mist of Time
I peered and searched in vain;
For old but happy memories
Of youth - frolicking in the rain.

Ah! But the Past is another country -
An unfamiliar place;
Where dreams are but gossamer threads
And hope, a wispy trace.

Nick P. Tiosen


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The pictures you will find here are pictures of structures that no longer exist. It is a sad fact that for something to be really appreciated, it would seem that it must no longer be with us..... Enjoy!
When I get chance to do so I'll root out some more photos and post them to the site. Just keep looking in every now and then! Images vary in size from 22 to 105 KB Jpegs.

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