Workington goods-yard and loco-shed from the Burmah Road-Bridge.

A string of hopper-waggons awaits collection south of Workington Main No: 2 box, on the opposite side of the through-roads to a group of empty rail flat-beds. Note the loading gauge, left-foreground. The goods-yard is pretty run-down at this time, and the road next-but-one to the hopper-waggons seems to be piled high with sleepers, blocking it!

The bright yellow-and-black engine-shed doors still gleam, and Joseph Pirt's ancient A diesel shunting-loco toils away in Workington's goods-yard.telescope-like chimney is visible in front of the cutting which carries the old Cleator and Workington northern extension to RNAD, Broughton Moor. A gritty evening shot taken from the Burmah Road bridge.The 'Marsh' has been cleared, and the new commercialism of Workington's west-side has yet to be built.

No wind-turbines grace the skyline, and the 'Iggesund' plant and the 'Pentagon' chemical works form the backdrop to this ever-changing and diminishing industrial scene. Twenty years on and the engine-shed is being dismantled brick-by-brick to be rebuilt near Leicester by a group of rail enthusiasts. A busy by-pass cuts a swathe through the redundant railway land being bathed here in the warm mid-day sunlight.

RIGHT: A shunting-engine toils away in front of Workington Main No: 2 signal-box, as seen from the 'Black Path', which ran from Harrington Shore to Havelock Road.


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