My photographs on this page were all taken in 1979 and 1980.

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Below in the left-hand picture are Bob Reeves (standing), Charge-hand Electrician and telephone engineer, and Bill Poultney, Foreman Electrician. They are in the Foreman Electrician's office, at the Pattern-shop end of bay 1.

In the extreme right-hand picture are Electricians John Courty (left) and Frank Osborne, who, for some reason, was known as "Bing"

Centre-left are Jack bennewith (Electrician); 'Tint' Irving (Boiler-Maker); Howard Taylor (Electrician); 'Tucker' Fowler (Pipe-Fitter); Norman Irving (Electrician's Mate). Centre-Right are L to R: John Courtier (Electrician); Michael Weir (Electrician); Norman Irving and Jack Bennewith.

Bob Reeves and Bill poultney.   Electric shop.   Electric Shop.   John Courty and Frank Osbourne.

The mechanics get a look-in, too! Below (L to R) are Ronnie Mossop, Don Wilson and 'Tucker' Fowler; Maintenance Fitters Don Petrie, Eddie Stables and Keith McCall; Storemen ?, Charlie forgothissecondname and Larry Ash.

Pipe-Fitters.   Maintenace Fitters.   Storemen.


The photographs featured below were taken around Christmas 1979, and are of electrical staff from the other end of Chapel Bank - the "Fab-Shop" end. Immediately below is the Electric Shop "crew". Note the standard-issue industrial electrical department calender!

Chapel Bank
Electric Shop.

L to R: Shift Electrician Bill Bechelli; Electrician's Mate Joe Mawson; Electrician Michael Weir; Chargehand Electrician Brian McCourt; Electrician John Courtier; Shift Electrician's Mate Kenny lawson (corner - with calender). Apprentice Electrician Paul Johnson (crouching, front).

Please note that cans of Export were not normally consumed at work! (There must have been an "R" in the month, or something.....)

Messrs: Lawson, Courtier, Weir and Mawson Me....8)
Messrs: Lawson, Courtier, Weir and Mawson relax after a long afternoon. Me holding the bench down aged 20, and just "out of my time".

Paul Johnson, Apprentice Electrician, as was.Paul Johnson, an Apprentice Electrician, poses before a 1MVA British-Thomson-Houston LV circuit- breaker in the "back-shop" of the electrical dept. The Electricians' shop was part of the electrical sub-station at that end of the works.

I am indebted to Dave Elliott, Instrument Mechanic at Chapel bank, for the two pictures below, taken around 1977. The picture on the left is of Henry Mason presenting a barometer to George Williamson on his retirement, and that on the right shows Henry Mason being presented with a selection of household goods on his retirement by foreman Tom Chilton. Both are overseen by staff from the instrument and electrical departments.

The Instrument Mechanics' section was at the north end of bay 3, in a bright, cosy workshop-cum-office beneath the toolmakers' floor. Duties included electronic machinery control and repair (CNC), temperature monitoring and the setting-up of chart-recorders to do so, and miscellaneous electronic repairs and design.

I am grateful to Tom Chilton, who taught me the resistor colour-code in such a way that I shall never forget it!

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PHOTOS: Dave Elliott.

Chapel Bank instrument department 01.   Chapel Bank instrument department 02.

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