The pill-box on the end of Grune Point, Skinburness, near Silloth. Overlooking Moricambe bay, with Silloth 22MU aerodrome just to the South, and Kirkbride aerodrome lying few miles East.

Known as a "Cumberland Machine-Gun and Anti-Tank Rifle Emplacement", this design of pill-box is, as far as I know, unique to what was Cumberland. It features in the Inland anti-invasion defence list. The cairn on top was added later as a memorial to four Silloth Firemen who drowned while trying to rescue a wildfowler (later found to be a false alarm).

34KB jpeg. General view.

44KB jpeg. General view of concrete-filled sandbag construction.


40KB jpeg. Inside view.Note the centre support pillar (and anti-ricochet device) and the concrete filled sandbag construction.


47KB jpeg. Embrasure, or loop-hole, detail.

Embrasure detail, showing concrete lintel.


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