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The CIA in the Gulf

The current crisis between Iraq and the USA has developed following Iraqi claims that US members of the United Nations weapons of mass destruction monitoring team are US spies. It is not thought that Iraq has any proof of this, and it has not put any forward, but it has expelled the Americans.

It is thought that the US expected such allegations to be made and has taken steps to ensure that it has 'deniability' on this issue. None of the American inspectors have any connections with US intelligence agencies - they are all independent scientists who are experts in this area.

We have discovered, however, that two Swedish members of UN monitoring team have worked for an American scientific research organisation that has carried our work for the CIA in the past. They had been employed by the Callavari Institute until as recently as January 1994 and had been working there when the Institute carried out research into the miniaturisation of nuclear technology for the CIA.

We are not claiming that these Swedes are currently spying for the CIA, but if there is a connection between the UN team and the CIA, this seems likely to be it. Iraq's expulsion of the American members seems increasingly misplaced.


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