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Different Types of Humour

Scientists have analysed two different types of jokes. Those that are humorous and those that are not humorous. It is no coincidence that there are also two halves to the human brain - the left side which is responsible for creativity and the right which is responsible for, er, the other thing......logic or something.

In conducting their research, these scientists have found that speaking whilst tilting your head to the left results in extremely humorous jokes being told. In contrast, tilting your head to the right results in dull comments about the state of international relations between Afghanistan and Chile. This happens because the tilting action results in more blood rushing to fill the side of the brain which has been lowered, leading to greater activity.

To take advantage of these findings, more and more comics perform their act in a lop-sided manner, leaning more and more to the left as the performance progresses. By the end of their act, many of the comedians using this technique will literally be keeping their ear to the ground for a good joke.


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