Are you the kind of person who likes to be kept informed about the latest scheming of our friends from outer space. If so, read below to find out what impact aliens may have had on our latest topic of the week.


The Space Aliens And Their Almost-Deadly Humour Rays

It is now well established that Space Aliens have perfected 'non-lethal' weapons. This allows them to take over entire galaxies without having to kill anything.

Their most effective weapon is the Humour Ray, which has the effect of reducing anyone it is fired at to fits of hysterical laughter. It works by triggering a chemical reaction in the brain that fools the victim in to thinking they have just heard the funniest joke ever written. Research suggests that most people think this joke involves elk or moose.

In this state of helpless laughter they are unable to resist the Space Aliens. The vast majority of a planet's population who have an average sense of humour usually recover in four to six weeks - by which time the planet is firmly under the control of the Space Aliens. However, those prone to laughing at even the most flimsy joke have been know to carry on laughing for eighteen years after being hit by a Humour Ray.

Those with no sense of humour (such as accountants and the majority of stand-up comedians) are left so confused by the sight of everyone else laughing that they break down and sob hysterically, and are thus equally unable to resist the Space Aliens.

Remember: The truth is in here.


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