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intervention - problem - solution - capability Our consultancy focuses on changing technology in changing organizations.

We provide a range of services, including assessment and trouble-shooting, planning, training and skills transfer, and change management.

We provide expertise in a number of key areas of business and technology change.

We work individually or in teams. We have affilitations and joint ventures with a number of other service providers.

Recent clients include telecommunications and retail companies, financial institutions and Government bodies.


Who we are

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How we deliver

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Who we are

Veryard Projects was founded by Richard Veryard in 1997. It is a small company, based in London UK, but with friends and associates in many countries. In particular, we are affiliated with most of the companies within the SCIPIO Consortium.

Our associates include business advisers, architects, psychologists, marketing specialists, therapists, academics, and of course a wide range of technologists.

Our mission is to improve the impact of technology on people.  We like to promote the development of people and teams, and to facilitate the circulation of practical knowledge.

richard veryard

Richard Veryard - our practice leader

Our standards

Rare combination of business management knowledge and technology knowledge. Up-to-date access to relevant research.

Rare combination of creative and practical thinking. Clear thinking and succinct expression.

New perspective. Sensitivity to what is missing from a given proposition.

Respect for client's capabilities.

Professional systematic, analytic approach.  High ethical standards.

Key areas of expertise

How we deliver

Consultancy: Initial Consultation - Assessment - Proposal - Further Work Initial Consultation Conversation to identify problem or opportunity.

Assessment We visit your offices to review the situation with you and your colleagues. Alternatively, we review your plans and other documentation, as agreed. We then write a report, giving our perspective on the situation, and our recommendations for resolving the issues and moving forward.

Proposal We write a short description of your problem or opportunity, and outline how we could help you. Sometimes we do this immediately after the initial consultation, but we usually prefer to carry out a brief assessment first.

Further Work There are many different forms this can take. We may take an ongoing role in your project or programme, perhaps in a leading, facilitating, reviewing or mentoring capacity. You may want us to perform specific tasks, or to prepare materials. We may conduct training, or even tailor our training materials to your requirements.

Sometimes this work involves short bursts of intense activity. Sometimes it involves a low level of ongoing support - perhaps as little as one or two visits per month, plus some email and telephone contact. This is negotiated according to your requirements.

Terms and Rates

The initial consultation is normally free of charge. Within reason, we are happy to spend time discussing things with you, without obligation. These conversations may take place by phone or email. If you are based in or around London, or passing through, please email us to arrange a meeting.

We carry out a preliminary assessment for a special introductory fee of £800 (pounds sterling) per day, plus VAT and travel expenses if applicable. The assessment usually takes one to three days.

Short proposals are normally free of charge. If you need something more elaborate or detailed, this is subject to negotiation.

We charge for further work in three ways.

Contact Details

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If you want to discuss a consultancy assignment, please email with your name, organization and phone number, and we'll call you as soon as possible.

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