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New businesses can apparently be wired together from existing pieces at astonishing speed.  A large grocery chain plugs in some extra "components" and becomes a bank, almost overnight.  What are the rules of this game, and are there any pitfalls?  And what are the implications for IT?

There is currently an explosion of new businesses - not just small start-ups but substantial launches.  Many well-known brand names are cut-and-pasted onto new products and services.  And not just e-versions of existing businesses either, although that's certainly part of the story.  A grocery store opens a bank or insurance company.  An insurance company opens a hospital or car breakdown service.  Suddenly, and without warning, there's a major new player in the marketplace..

Is this new?  No, of course not.  But what is new is the way it's done, and the speed.  Thanks to the plug-and-play approach, a new business can be rapidly assembled as a loosely coupled set of partnerships and services, with a complex business process spanning many organizations.  These business structures (and the software and services that support them) evolve in complex ways, beyond the control of any single player.  Even a substantial company can now be viewed as a component of a much larger system, rather than as a self-contained business operation, and this has huge implications for planning and managing at all levels.

In this book, we explore these new business opportunities in terms of components, relationships between components, and the assembled systems.  We demonstrate techniques for planning and managing evolutionary change, and we identify strategies for business survival and success.

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The separation between business and software systems has closed.  Veryard raises big questions around opportunities for component-based business -- for organizational and technology systems.  His treatment is thoughtful, his perspective forward-looking; both are critical ingredients for business planning the future and succeeding at change.
Linda Levine
Software Engineering Institute

Challenges conventional thinking with a sometimes breathtaking series of lateral thoughts ... essential reading for the component architect, designer and their customer ... strongly recommended.
David Sprott
Principal Analyst
CBDi Forum
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"... inspiring, intriguing and sometimes infuriating ..."
Professor Peter Henderson
Director of the EPSRC Research Programme on Systems Engineering for Business Process Change

Richard Veryard is becoming well known to the systems engineering community in the UK as an original and independent thinker.

A provocative read ... will be used as a source of ideas for many years to come ... a stimulating, idiosyncratic, quirky book.

Ian Alexander
Independent Consultant
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The book itself has been evolving, according to its own design principles.
It encapsulates a set of ideas, principles and stories, with as much integrity and cohesion as I can get.
It aims to engage with the current interests and concerns of many different readers.  Just enough controversy.
It aims to contribute usefully to a number of existing lines of development, and also to stimulate new lines of development. Make new connections.
It is intended as an open work.  I'm hoping that other people can attach their own stuff, in ways I haven't imagined.
The focus of the book is to articulate a field.  If you want to know what this means, you'll have to read the book.


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