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Problems supporting business interpretations and judgements with complex data?

Business intelligence cannot be accessed. 

Business decisions not supported by information systems.

Information / knowledge systems not used.

Lack of fit with business process.

Modelling process gets stuck. 

Impossible to merge rival models.

Models don't make sense to business users.

Models cannot be implemented.

Problems connecting systems and services across people and organizations with different vocabularies?

Enterprise lacks connection or integration - for example, after a series of mergers.

Legacy systems and services poorly accessible.

Poor communication - clashes of intention and interpretation between partners.

Errors in business process management and delegation.


veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

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information management white papers and other materials
Data Modelling Crib Sheet (pdf) Entity, Relationship, Attribute July 1999
Notes on Identity and Difference

work in progress

Entity, Object, Class, Identification June 1999
Insurance industry: models, architectures and frameworks Business process, System architecture June 1999
Towards the lightness of information

Post-modern data architecture

Post-modernism, Data Architecture, Knowledge Management February 1999
The Give and Take of Information Data Architecture, Organizational Politics, Business Strategy February 1999
Software Objects and Mediaeval Thought

The relevance of Arab and Christian philosophy to object thinking.

Object, Reification, Implementation January 1999
Organic Information Planning

An alternative to top-down planning

Information Planning December 1997
Modelling History

Notes on information and object modelling for historical and archive data.

Information Modelling August 1997
Archive Fever

Review of book by Derrida.

Data Archiving August 1997
Data and Operations Data retrieval, operation retrieval August 1994



Richard Veryard, Pragmatic Data Analysis

Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1984.
ISBN 0-632-01311-7

out of print
Richard Veryard, Information Modelling: Practical Guidance

Prentice-Hall, 1992.
ISBN 0-13-454182-0

out of print


training workshops

Modelling Ideas Masterclass in object and process modelling 1 day
Information Modelling Workshop Basic training in information modelling 4 days
Modelling Components SCIPIO: business process improvement using software components  3 days



veryard projects is a technology management consultancy, based in London.

Richard Veryard has been practising and teaching information modelling and management since 1980.

Roles include: data modelling, model inspection and reviews, database administration, data dictionary development, data administration, development coordination, architecture management, and method development.


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