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There are several common uses of the word 'plan'.
  • Plan as endproduct. A preconfiguration or blueprint, as in a building plan or an urban development plan.
  • Plan as process. A scheme or schedule of activity, as in a military plan of action, or development programme.
  • Plan as policy. A set of rules or guidelines, intended to achieve a given endproduct or process.
In Lucy Suchman's excellent book, plans are contrasted with what she calls Situated Actions.
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Planning Quotes

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Le Corbusier "Le plan est le générateur. 
Sans plan, il y a désordre, arbitraire. 
Le plan porte en lui líessence de la sensation." 
Vers une Architecture
According to the modernist architect Le Corbusier, the plan is a generator - it generates both activity and structure. But how to lay out the plan - does it specify the structure itself, or does it merely specify a method by which the structure will evolve?
Confucius People who do not think far enough ahead inevitably have worries near at hand.
Analects, §15.12

Few lose out on account of prudence
Analects, §4.23

Donít wish for speed; donít see small advantages. If you wish for speed, you wonít succeed; if you see small advantages, great things will not be accomplished
Analects, §13.27
Brecht Ja, mach nur einen Plan.
Sei nur ein grosses Licht!
Und mach dann noch 'nen zweiten Plan
Gehn tun sie beide nicht.

The Threepenny Opera

Make a single plan - 
so everyone's enlightened. 

'Cos if you make a second plan
everyone'll be too frightened.

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