Expansion of the VERYARD clan in Canada

Compiled by Arthur John Veryard

January 2001

This document was written in response to the family tree posted by Gretel on the "Veryard" web page.

My name is Arthur John Veryard and I am 38. I live in Kingston,Ontario,Canada. My father Arthur was born here, and his father Arthur came to Canada in the late 1800'-early 1900's. I have been doing research on our family name since 1998, believing there weren't many of us.Was I mistaken. Much to the credit of Diana I have most of the information about my family.

In 1998 I got addresses of Veryards in the UK and wrote to them with what little information I had. That search turned up a cousin of my fathers that unfortunately he did not know existed. One response I received was from an Archie Veryard in Penrith, Cumbria,UK. His father was Harry Veryard (born approximately 1877). He was in the early 1900's a builders merchant in Plastow with his brother.He left that and became a professional musician. At the time of Archies birth they were living in Benfleet Essex and later moved to Southerd where he died in 1929.

I got another letter in 1998 from Archie who provided me with additional info.He indicated in the letter that his grandfather was Robert Veryard. (Could this be Sarah's husband and Gretel's husbands g-g-g = grandfather?)

One further bit of information, I have a baptismal record showing a Robert Biddulpe Veryard and a Sarah Elizabeth Veryard having a daughter, Mary Ann, baptized at All Saints, Hereford in 1858. (Could Mary Ann be the missing daughter?)

Finally,the family tree sent to me by Diana has a Robert Veryard, born1842 @ Hawkchurch, Dorset, England. His father was Joseph Veryard, born about 1793 @ Hawkchurch. If in fact this is the Robert (husband of Sarah) you are looking for and the Robert referred to by Archie as being his grandfather then he would be the son of my g-g-g grandfathers brother.


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