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Aaron Veryard . . Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Alec Veryard (deceased) Old Soldier and Porsche Enthusiast . Ipswich, Suffolk
Alec Roy Veryard . Son of Peter Roy Valencia, Venezuela
Ann Veryard English Teacher . Valencia, Venezuela
Anthony Veryard . Son of Richard London
Arthur John Veryard Probation Officer. Brother of Mary and Joe Kingston, Ontario
Carole-Ann Veryard University of Surrey Health Centre
Catherine Harrington-Veryard Teacher and Distance Runner . Nepean, Canada
Charlotte Veryard Daughter of Malcolm and Sylvia
Dominic Veryard . Son of Richard London
Edward Veryard Uncle of Mary, Joe and Arthur Toronto, Canada
Emilie Veryard . Daughter of Lee Martin and Sue Catford, London
Emily Veryard . Daughter of Joe and Catherine Nepean, Canada
Emily Ann Veryard Daughter of Peter Roy Valencia, Venezuela
Enid Veryard . . York, Western Australia
Evan Veryard . Son of Arthur John Kingston, Ontario
Fran Danilewicz (nee Veryard) Software Project Manager and Equestrian Daughter of Ken and Sheila Reading UK
Genevieve Veryard Daughter of Arthur John Kingston, Ontario
Graham Veryard Son of Edward, Brother of Roy and John Originally from Deptford, now in Kent
Gretel Veryard-Arcay Learning Disable Specialist Daughter of Roy and Ann Panama
J.S. Veryard Outplacement Consultant . HURST ASSOCIATES (EUROPE) LIMITED, Turnpike House 123 High Street Crawley Near Gatwick Airport West Sussex RH1O 1DD
Tel: +44 (0) 1293 403777
Fax: +44 (0) 1293 403770
James John Veryard Quantity Surveyor Son of J.S. and Carole-Ann Southampton
Jody Veryard Synchronized Swimmer Daughter of Graham Bexley, Kent
Joe Veryard School Administrator and Distance Runner Brother of Mary and Arthur Nepean, Canada
John Veryard Retired electronics technician  Brother of Graham Herne Bay, Kent
Johnathan Jack Arcay Veryard . Son of Gretel and John Arcay Panama
Judith Nicol (nee Veryard) Psycho Therapist Daughter of Vernon and Enid Richmond-upon-Thames, UK
Katie Veryard Daughter of Angela and Martin Bedfordshire
Kelly Veryard Administrator Daughter of Graham Bexley, Kent
Ken Veryard (deceased) Retired Patent Agent and Traveller

Books include: Never a Stranger in Morocco and Kamel of Gafsa

. Sevenoaks, Kent
Lee Martin Veryard Assistant Manager, Chartered Accountants . Catford, London
Lorraine Veryard . . School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University
Marc Douglas Veryard Operations Manager Son of Douglas "Malcolm", Grandson of Douglas Malcolm, Great-Grandson of Arthur Hampshire
Mark Robert Veryard Mechanical Engineer Son of J.S. and Carole-Ann Cardiff
Martin Veryard Software development manager Brother of Michael Bedfordshire
Martin Charles Veryard . Son of Roger and Rosie Near Exeter
Mary Ann Myhill (nee Veryard) . Sister of  Joe and Arthur Guelph, Ontario
Mary Anne Treffry (nee Veryard) Secondary School Administration Daughter of Vernon and Enid Sydney, Australia
Michael Veryard Arsenal Fan, contributor to The Gooner. Brother of Martin .
Patrick Veryard . Son of Joe and Catherine Nepean, Canada
Penny Desmond (nee Veryard) Viola Player and Mathematician Daughter of Ken and Sheila Cambridge, UK
Peter Alan Veryard Farmer Son of Charles and Elizabeth Australia
Peter Roy Veryard Mechanical Engineer Son of Roy and Ann Valencia, Venezuela
Rachel Louise Veryard Housewife Daughter of Malcom and Sheila Weston Super-Mare, originally from Middlesex
Richard Veryard Technology Consultant and Author Son of Ken and Sheila London
Rhiannon Veryard . Daughter of Lee Martin and Sue Catford, London
Robert Veryard Son of Angela and Martin Bedfordshire
Roy Veryard Mechanical Engineer and Coffee Grower Son of Alec Valencia, Venezuela
Roy Veryard Retired designer / draftsman Brother of Graham Welling, Kent
Ruth Miskis (nee Veryard) Librarian Daughter of Vernon and Enid Miami, Florida
Ryan Veryard . Son of Simon Liverpool, UK
Sheila Veryard (nee Honeywell) Violinist and Music Teacher . Tonbridge, Kent
Siana Veryard . Daughter of Simon Liverpool, UK
Simon Veryard Freelance SAP consultant Son of J.S. and Carole-Ann Liverpool, UK
Steve Veryard . . .
Sue Veryard (nee Hathway) . . Catford, London
Susan Ruth Veryard . Daughter of Alec Kissimmee, Florida
Vernon Veryard (deceased) Athlete . Australia
Wendy de Vereyard (also known as Mrs W. Tunnard) Writer Cousin of Steve Boston UK


Name Line of business Base Contact details
Veryard Projects Ltd Technology and management consultants London details
Veryards Ltd Consulting civil and structural engineers Cardiff, Wrexham & Manchester details
Veryard Machinery Sales Agricultural Machinery - Sales & Service Castle Cary, Somerset 

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Some information about the name

We get lots of enquiries about the source of the name, as well as repeated jokes.

Where does the surname 'Veryard' come from, and what does it mean? Some say that it is an Old French name meaning Glassworker, which was brought over to England by Huguenot refugees. Others say that it is a Devonshire name meaning Ironworks. According to Wendy, the first DeVereyard came to Cornwall on the Spanish Armada, and become a smuggler.

Perhaps all these explanations are true - and the Veryard surname is a combination of similar names from several roots.

The name was certainly used in Devonshire before the Huguenots arrived in England. The earliest known occurrence of the name records the christening of one Richard Veryard at Axminster in Devon, on April 20th, 1568. A few years later, on April 22nd, 1583, John Veryard married one Lettice Akerman at Branscombe in Devon. (There is a web page maintained by the Branscombe family, which summarizes the parish registers of St Winifred's Church in Branscombe.)  There is also a family tree traced back to the marriage of Elise Veryard & Rawlyn Clapp at Saint Winifrid's church, Branscombe, Devon on the 27th of June 1569.

Fran has traced a number of lines of descent from these early Veryards, and these are documented on a separate page.

In the seventeenth century, Dr Ellis Veryard, from Colyton in Devon, visited Egypt. His rather curmudgeonly remarks on his trip (dated 1678) may represent the first occurrence of Veryards in print. He is the oldest Veryard I've found quoted on the Internet; he can be found on a page called: 'Remarkable and bizarre notes about Egypt by early travellers'), which quotes from a book by Martin R. Kalfatovic, Nile notes of a howadji: a bibliography of travelers' tales from Egypt, from the earliest time to 1918 (Metuchen, N.J. [etc.]: Scarecrow Press, 1992). ISBN 0-8108-2541-4

An 1830 directory of Gloucestershire has three entries for one Robert Veryard of Bristol: as a hemp and flax dresser, as a rope and twine maker, and as a sack and sacking maker.

Gretel tells me that there is a Veryard in the roll of honour of one of the Scottish Regiments at Edinburgh Castle.

Finally, we must mention one R.G. Veryard who, with Ebdon in 1961, discovered a 26-month meteorological pattern called the Quasi-Biannual Oscillation (QBO).

Historical and Genealogical Data

A brief history of Veryards in England compiled by Fran
Expansion of the Veryard clan in Australia compiled by Peter Alan
Family Tree submitted by Gretel
Expansion of the Veryard clan in Canada compiled by Arthur John
A note about Branscombe contributed by David Snell
Wendy's history on Wendy's website

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