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Doorman, guard and bouncer
Male 38

Atheld is employed to keep order and apply his abundant muscle. He assists patrons with their luggage, removes 'riffraff' & undesirables, and helps with the heavy lifting. He has the middle of the day off, working a short shift in the morning and during the evening. At night he patrols the Inn, if he feels there is need (such as a large party of armed guests staying - or a rich female of her own). It is a fairly open secret that Atheld is a retired thief (though he prefers the term 'rogue'). During his time of he often frequents his old haunts, visiting his friends in the business.

Atheld is of medium height but has a very muscular build. He has short dark brown hair, clean shaven with blue eyes. He has a marked scar running from his left eye to his nose. Whilst working wears a neat blue tunic supplied by Jerend, at other times he wears a mixture of travel worn clothes and leathers. He always carries a (sheaved) dagger hanging from his belt. At times he also carries a short sword, which he has proved he can use. Atheld is quite and a loaner, he speaks softly but with a marked foreign accent.

Atheld works in all areas of the Inn. He can frequently be found in the entrance hall, but is also to be found in the dinning hall, public common room, gallery and anywhere else where trouble breaks out.

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Barmaid and Journeyman of the Guild of Harpers
Female 27

Belami is a Journeyman member of the Guild of Harpers. She is currently working for Jerend as this provides a good income, whilst she is waiting for her break into the entertainment business. She specialises in the playing of the lute and is also proficient with the reed pipe. She normally plays the lute accompanied by her voice which is very pleasant. In the evenings when the bar, her main place of work, is not busy, Jerend allows her to ply her trade, he takes 1/12th of any income.

Belami works during the evenings serving in the public common room and serves breakfast in the dinning hall, during the day she can be found in the markets, at the Guild of Harpers, or occasionally doing auditions.

Belami is of average height and is slightly plump, here hair is long and black, which she wears in a pigtail, her appearance is rather plain. She normally wears long loose embroidered dresses in bright colours, often with a wide waist belt which is decorated with silver chased plaques. She is very even tempered and is known for her jollity.

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Cook: Associate Tavernkeeper
Female 43

Elthena and Jerend have been married for twenty six years, having five surviving children: Othos, Gerilda, Shorkil, Tarnark and Hildena.

Elthena principally acts as the Inn's cook assisted by Jilnea and Hektor as required. Other than visiting the Temple of Peoni, the South Isle Market and local shops, Elthena rarely leaves the Inn. She is frequently to be found in the kitchen or the courtyard tending the vegetables.

She has a bad temper (which she later regrets) when her food is criticised, but other than that she tends to be quite calm and good natured. She is an lay-sister of Peoni and visits her temple daily, often with offerings of food to be distributed to the poor. She is the same height as her husband, but much slimmer, having short cropped brown hair and green eyes. She wears dresses often in blue and yellow, her favourite colours. She always wears a belt from which hang her purse, the keys to the Inn and a amulet.

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Jerend's daughter
Female 18

Gerilda is Jerend and Elthena's eldest daughter. She has had an educated and cultivated upbringing, but she has shown no interest in any craft. She assists Elthena with her tasks on occasion, but tend to skive where ever possible. Jerend is currently trying to find her a good husband, since he does not want to keep a unproductive daughter who is now well in to her adulthood. Needless to say this causes plenty of arguments between them. During the day Gerilda is often out visiting her (female) friends of the same age.

She has inherited her fathers ginger hair and pale brown eyes and her mothers figure and stature. She always wears what is fashionable which often equates to short dresses.

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Barman: Associated member of the Guild of Tavernkeepers
Male 24

Hereld has been working for Jerend for eight years, but shows no signs of making any progress within the guild. He is clumsy and forgetful, however, he is diligent about taking orders and delivering drinks, and is very proficient with a broom and cleaning cloth. During the day he is employed cleaning the dinning hall and public common room; whilst in the evenings he acts as a bar man and, on occasion, doorman.

Hareld often appears rather unkempt. He is of above average height and has short cropped brown hair, a scraggly beard and dark brown eyes. Jerend has a constant struggle to keep him wearing clean clothes, he preferring to wear his tunics and breeches for several days on end. He is a collector of folding pocket knives - a passion that he keeps to himself.

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Apprentice Tavernkeeper
Male 11

Hektor has only recently been apprenticed to Jerend. He is very pleased to have gained such a good master, with a wide reputation which should lead to him gaining some good experience. Consequently he works very diligently, despite the fact that he is mainly required to clean up and assist in the kitchen preparing vegetables. He does not have a room of his own but typically sleeps in the southern most bed in the dormitory. He is never permitted to leave the Inn, except to study at the Guild one morning per week, and to return home at feastdays.

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Jerend's daughter
Female 10.

Hildena is Jerend and Ethelena's youngest child. She is currently studying at the temple of Peoni. Elthena hopes that her daughter will be accepted into the sisterhood. Hildena tries to abide by the precepts of the Peoni belief, but is rather energetic and unruly when not under parental control. She is dressed in pretty dresses by her mother to go to the temple, but in afternoon she is more often seen wearing tunics and leggings. Hildena never ventures far from the Inn, though she does play in the surrounding streets with her 'gang'.

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Propieter and Master Tavernkeeper & Brewer
Male 46.

Jerend is the owner of the South Gate Inn, and a Master of the Guild of Tavern and Inn keepers, as well as being a Master Brewer from the guild of Brewers, Distillers and Vintners. He and his wife, Ethelena have five children.

He has a reputation for being honest and hard working and is scrupulously polite. He can be rather aloof with those who he believes are not 'high class' clients. He is tall, a little portly with ginger hair and beard, pale brown eyes and lined face. He wears breeches and a tunic with a apron which is replaced daily - his clothes are all of good quality, clean and unworn.

Jerend is well known in South Isle, and is frequently to be found in it shops and meeting places. Jerend is also an important member of his Guild, attending all meetings, and acting as a local leader of the Guild. Jerend also arranges for the supply of ales, wines and spirits not brewed in the Inn and raw materials. During the day he is often to be found with his friends and suppliers; Halorn the wine merchant [ID241] who supplies most of his stock, though Elfred of the Trident Tavern [ID184] supplies the Southgate Ale, Darin the baker [ID085] his source of barley etc., and Barthis the cooper [ID127].

Jerend work in most areas of the inn but he can be found most frequently in the main entrance hall, his office, dinning hall and public common room, or in the cellar.

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Senior housemaid
Female 56

Jilnea has been married to Serend for over forty years, their children have prospered as tradesmen, who now have families of their own. Jilnea is the senior housemaid, in charge of cleaning the guest's accommodation and changing the bed linen etc.; she can often be found in the dormitory, preparing beds or cleaning, where she also has control over the bath. She is assisted by Larael who is primarily charged with the laundry. Jilnea is also a skilful cook who assists Elthena in the kitchen when there are a lot of guests eating as well as serving food in the dinning hall. Jilnea family was in the tailoring trade and she still keeps her hand in by making her own clothes for herself and Serend, as well as repairing those of the Inn's staff. Jilnea is content to stay within the Inn, though she does sometimes visit her family. She is also a infrequent visitor of the local clothier.

Jilnea's hair is a dark grey styled in a bun, her face is weather worn and lined, her bright blues eyes, however, add a sparkle. She tends to wear dresses in sombre colours, over which she wears a light blue apron.

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Laundry maid
Female 18

Larael is employed to keep all the Inn's linen clean, both that used by the staff and by the guests. Since there are eleven staff and family, a total of thirty-five beds and twelve tables with cloths, Larael is kept very busy in the laundry. She also assists Jilnea with more general duties as well. She is however rarely seen by the Inn's patrons - having no direct contact with them. Larael is the daughter of a poor local river fisherman (Halfnor [ID229]) and is very proud of having got herself 'decent' employment with room and board, Most of income is passed on to her family to support her younger siblings. She is a firm adherent of Sarajin attending most of the evening masses as well as the high masses. Her father is often seen in the Inn and she visits her family on all her free days.

Larael is fairly short and of average build and is considered rather comely. She has long blond curly hair which she wears loose and light grey eyes. She tends to wear a loose doublet and a short skirt, over which she wears a light leather apron whilst at doing the laundry. Her voice is very pleasant to the ear, which has led Belami to teach her some of the fundamentals of singing.

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Barkeeper: Journeyman Tavernkeeper and Apprentice Brewer
Male 21

Othos is the eldest child and heir of Jerend and Elthena. He is a Journeyman of the Guild of Tavern and Innkeepers. He is currently also a member of the Guild of Brewers, Distillers and Vintners, being apprenticed to Jerend whilst he studies for his Journeyman exams. When he achieves Journeyman Brewer status, Othos plans to gain experience in other taverns in Eshaven before returning to the South Gate Inn when he inherits from Jerend. He is currently courting Elfred's daughter Balena [ID164]; they plan to marry as soon as possible.

He works the bar in the public common room assisted by Belami and Hereld. When off duty he can often be found in the cellar experimenting with the brews.

Othos is taller than his parents and of athletic build with brown hair with a short beard and green eyes, he is considered to be rather handsome by most young women. He is said to bear greater resemblance to Elthena than Jerend. He normally wears a doublet and breeches, his favoured colours being dark blue and brown. He often wears a large gold and enamel broach on this doublet, or to fasten his cloak. Othos is of a romantic nature who has been accused of dealings with thieves - he is more of a rogue or rake than a criminal though. His greatest friend and mentor is Halda Rufus [ID160]. public common room, or practising his brewing in the cellar.

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Guest's steward: Journeyman Tavernkeeper
Male 57

Serend is a elderly employee who has remained a Journeyman Tavernkeeper throughout his life. He serves Jerend by looking after the Inn's patrons, dealing with their rooms, linens, bills etc., he also acts as a clerk recording the day to day accounts of the Inn. He has charge over Atheld, Jilnea his wife and Larael, a duty he takes very seriously. Serend is very involved with the Inn have few outside interests. His main reason to leave the Inn is to visit the Inn's suppliers, to place an order or settle a bill.

Serend is a elderly man who walks slowly and slightly stooped. He has light grey hair and dark brown eyes his face is lined and pale. He normally wears a tunic and breeches with a silver pendant bull and chain around his neck. Serend is very jovial and kind, he is known for his love of children and generosity. His is an adherent of Peoni, though he only goes to the high masses.

Serend deals mainly with the paying guests, he is to be found in the guest wing, particularly dinning hall, dormatory, and guests' study room . He is also often to be found in his office.

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Jerend's son
Male 15

Shokil still lives with his father, but spends most of his time with the City Watch at South Gate [ID151]. He is very proficient with a variety of weapons and his education has included city-law. Jerend intends to buy him a commission in the City Watch as soon as he reaches sixteen. Shorkil may well be one of the Watch's better recruits,

Like his father, he has a reputation for being honest and hard working, and additionally, is very worldly having spent a lot of time carousing with the Militia and Watch. He is tall of average build, but is stronger than he looks. He wears good quality tunics with breeches and normally a fancy red cloak. He normally carries a dagger and short sword hanging from a broad belt at his waist.

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Jerend's son
Male 13

Tarnak is Jerend's second son to follow him in to the Inn keeping business. He is currently apprenticed to Darius of the Up & Over Tavern [ID051], and only returns home on the major feast days.

see Up & Over Tavern [ID051] for further details of him

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Jerend's family

Jerend and his wife Ethelena have been married for twenty-six years with six surviving children. Jerend owns and runs the Inn, where his wife acts as cook. His eldest son, Othos, is a Journeyman of the Guild of Inn and Tavernkeepers, and works with him as the Inn's Barkeeper. Tarnark, his youngest son is currently studying as an apprentice with Darius of the Up & Over Tavern [ID051]. He is currently trying to find a husband for his eldest daughter, Gerilda, will it is hoped that his younger daughter, Hildena, may join the sisterhood of Peoni. His other son looks set on joining the City Watch as an officer.

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