The Drunken Hake, Arathel

SubmitterJohn D Sgammato
Submission Date
Email sgammato@WPI.EDU
PublicationCastle of Orbaal, Arathel 3
Inn NameThe Druken Hake
LocationArathel, Orbaal
Proprietor:Liam of Plearat

Synopsis: The best inn in Arathel, patronised by Jarin and Ivinian alike. Liam is notorious for his inexhaustibly creative inventory of obscene invective, to which he treats all patrons, regardless of their rank. His equally fearsome reputation as a brawler dissuades most persons from taking offense.

Note on Inn Sign: The 'Drunken Hake' was a crooked fish-drying rack (an alternative meaning of the phrase) by which the Inn was built. The inn advertised itself by hanging a 'drunken' frame of wooden beams outside its door. Unfortunately with the Ivinian's poor understanding of Harnic, they believed that 'Hake' meant the fish and hence the bones of a hake where attached to the frame. The bones remain to this day, and the Jarin secretly laugh at the Ivinians lack of understanding.

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