The Haakapik, Arathel

SubmitterJohn D Sgammato
Submission Date
Email sgammato@WPI.EDU
PublicationCastle of Orbaal, Arathel 3
Inn NameThe Haakapik
LocationArathel, Orbaal
Proprietor:Jarri of Kurn

Synopsis: The Haakapik is named after a spiked club with a hook used in sealing. Several examples of the tool hang on the walls of the inn. Jarri is a former sealing captain from Amavik in Ivinia. He moved to Arathel around 705 to follow the safer and more lucrative trade in sea otter. He retired and purchased this inn three years ago. Given the slightest encouragement, Jarri will bore his guests with long winded reminiscences of his days at sea.

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