Formed in 1998, Bridgwater female singing trio the FUNBUNNIES consist of vocalists

Elaine di Campo, Julia Setter and Lorraine Young and backing musicians Brian Smedley (guitar) Kevin Freeman (drums) and Big Barry (bass).

   The group played largely a set of covers mixed with a few originals including the Newman/Smedley classic ‘I Hope you Die’ and the ‘Smedley/Kane’ hit ‘Drop Dead Darling’.

   The Funbunnies were essentially a good time pub band with  tight harmonies ,a provocative  on-stage persona and a tight -yet simple , rock backing. 

   The singing styles of the 3 vocalists is varied yet compatible ranging from the soulful Lorraine (‘I can’t stand the rain’/ ‘Shop Shoop’) to the bluesy Julia (‘Right by my Side’/’Brown Eyed Girl’) and the laid back west coast Elaine (‘Talkin’ bout a Revolution’/You & Me Always’).

   At their best playing to a large drunken audience who’ll listen to anything , the band are also happy to sit down and have a quiet harmonic singalong.

   Their first demo ‘I Hope you Die’ featured original  singer Heidi Powell who went on to join forces with local sex god Rob Perdrix with their new band -‘Rob & Heidi’- she now fronts ‘;Wilson Comes Alive’ with sad backing musician Rob Perdrix.

In 2000 sensational news from the Funbunny front as Big Barry decided he’d had enough of learning to play the bass and turning up to rehearsals and announced he was quitting “ spend more time on his allotment”. This prompted drummer Kevin Freeman to excuse himself as well saying “..I just couldn’t keep up the gruelling pace and high standards expected of me without drumsticks”.

   The Funbunnies played an acapella set at the recent Blake festival .



   Elaine and Julia from the Funbunnies have now formed a band with Tessa Clarke as third vocalist and played 2 gigs over christmas 2003/03. Watch this space for future plans for this rock n roll harmony band!!!!

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