This section contains O/R and Officer?s (undress) leather belts, pouches and accoutrements. Other items which are part of either the 1854 Knapsack or the later pattern Valise equipment can be found in that section of the catalogue. Full Dress ceremonial belts, pouches, and other items can be found in the Ceremonial Section

IMPORTANT: All our buff leather products are supplied in a natural leather state and are ready for whitening This was done in Victorian times by using pipe-clay and today the same effect can be achieved by the use of a tennis-shoe whitener. Several coats are usually necessary on a new product, and care should be taken when applying around brass fittings.

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Household Cavalry Items
For other Household Cavalry items see Metalwork & Sundries

O/R buff leather waist belt and slings. Brass fittings and plate clasp with QVC Coat of Arms £70.00
O/R buff leather pouch belt with red flask cord, brass buckle and tip. N/A
Black patent leather pouch with brass QVC Coat of Arms £50.00
O/R sword knot. Buff leather with brass buckle £15.00
Cuirasse strap, buff leather with brass buckle  

Cavalry (Officers)

Cavalry officer's undress white enamelled waist belt and sword slings Also used by some Corps.. Gilt fittings Clasp or locket not included. N/A
Cavalry pouch belt, officer's undress White enamelled leather. Gilt buckle slider and tip. Fittings shown are for Ordnance Corps, which together with other Corps used this pattern belt. Also used by some Canadian Regiments and Corps in full-dress £65.00
Cavalry officer's undress pouch. Black leather, gilt fittings £55.00
Cavalry officer's undress sabretache plain black leather or to regimental specification. Brass fittings. No ornamentation £125.00
Sabretache slings, buff leather with brass buckles and studs. Set of three (See picture of enameled sling for general arrangement) £27.00
Sabretache slings. White enameled leather, gilt fittings. Set of three  

Cavalry (O.R's)

Cavalry waist belt and slings. O/R buff leather with snake clasp and brass fittings. Pre-1885 N/A
Cavalry waist belt and slings. O/R buff leather with snake clasp and brass fittings. Post-1885 N/A
Cavalry Pouch belt O/R, buff leather, brass buckle and fittings £30.00
Light Dragoon pouch belt and carbine sling with integral black leather pouch. Brass buckle and fittings. £95.00
Cavalry pouch O/R black leather, with brass rings. All internal detail £45.00
Sword knots tassel end white leather £12.00


Yeomanry waist belt with sword slings Brown leather, silver plated fittings N/A
Yeomanry black leather shoulder belt and pouch. Silver plated fittings N/A
Yeomanry brown leather sword knot N/A

Infantry (Officers)

Infantry officer's sword belt and slings. Buff leather with gilt fittings Clasp not included £68.00
Infantry officer's sword belt and slings. White enameled leather with gilt fittings. Clasp not included £75.00
Infantry Field Officer's sword belt, slings. White enameled leather Gilt fittings include sabretache loops £90.00
Field officer's undress sabretache, black leather, brass fittings £125.00
Sabretache slings. White enam eled leather, gilt fittings. Set of three £48.00
Infantry Officer's brown leather shoulder holster and strap £55.00

Infantry (O.R's)

1850 O/R waist belt fitted with laced adjustment in place of brass loops £45.00
1854 O/R waist belt With sewn on bayonet frog and securing loop for pouch belt Fitted with General service clasp £45.00
1854 Sergeant's waist belt with brass securing loop for pouch belt and fitted with General Service clasp. No sewn on bayonet frog £38.00
1854 bayonet frog (serjeants's) £14.00
Infantry waist belt O/R 1871 pattern with General Service brass buckle £38.00
Early pattern (1870) ammo pouch in black leather with long flap £40.00
1871 pattern ammo pouch £28.00
1871 pattern ballbag. Buff leather,black strap £45.00
Infantry w aistbelt O/R 1871 pattern with 24th clasp £38.00
Infantry waist belt O/R 1882 pattern with General Service brass buckle £38.00
1882 pattern ammo pouch £38.00
1888 S&W pattern O/R infantry waist belt
with general Service brass buckle,
including sliding loops
1890 pattern ammo pouch 50 rounds. All internal detail £45.00
1894 patern ammo pouch 50 rounds All internal detail £45.00
All patterns also available in black leather, with brass snake clasp (Rifle Regts.) Additional
Bayonet frog O/R £14.00
Bayonet frog with strap and buckle (serjeant's) £18.00
Infantry WO?s buff leather sword belt and slings
GS brass buckle and brass fittings
1854 Black leather ammo pouch and buff leather shoulder strap. Brass fittings £60.00
1854 Cap pouch, brown leather lined with sheepskin, fitted to waist belt £16.00
Pre 1882 Mounted Infantry Bandolier. No sealed pattern, usually made by regimental saddler ( Rounds not included ) £60.00
Mounted Infantry bandolier, 1882 Mk 1 pattern
Brown stained leather, brass buckle and studs
Rifle sling 1853 pattern to fit Enfield. Buff leather, brass buckle. (Rifle sling 1860 pattern to fit Whitworth also available at same price) £18.00
Martini Henry rifle sling Buff leather £15.00
Martini Henry rifle sling Black or brown bridle leather £20.00
Entrenching tool carrier (early pattern) £26.00
Entrenching tool carrier later (1880's) pattern £26.00

Royal Artillery

Royal Artillery Officer's undress white enameled leather shoulder belt with gilded fittings

£ 65.00
RA officer's undress "collapsing" pouch. Black leather gilded fittings .Cannon ornament extra-(see Metalwork section) £56.00
Royal Artillery O/R's pattern pouch belt. No buckle. Advise length required £25.00
RA O/R's pattern pouch, black leather brass fittings £45.00

Royal Engineers

Officer's black leather binocular case, velvet lined, gilded end fittings

R.E officer's undress white enameled pouch belt, and black leather binocular case with Royal cypher. All metal fittings gold plated     



Victorian police belt. 2in wide black leather. Brass sliding adjusters. No clasp £32.00
New 1871 O/R Pattern Waistbelt, Brown leather with brass snake clasp (Naval brigade) £38.00

The price list is a representative sample of some of the more regularly requested items. If you do not see what you want, please ask - we can almost certainly manufacture anything you require.

See also Ceremonial and Embroidered Items Section


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