If you have already visited other sections of this catalogue you will have seen that we obviously undertake a great deal of research in order to ensure that our products are as accurate a representation as possible of the original item. We apply the same high standards to our re-created uniforms, and as much as it is possible, we construct in the manner of the period with hand stitching and hand finishing of detail. We do not employ a large staff of machinists, but instead each order is given the individual attention of a qualified and experienced military tailor who also has a commitment to, and interest in, the period. For example, all our button holes are hand stitched and the shade of cloth is chosen to be as close as possible to the original, without succumbing to the temptation of using the more readily available modern military cloths.

We are not multi-period sutlers, but deal only with 19th century British militaria, and we have the backing and support of leading authors and researchers in this field.

The end result is a garment that you will be proud to wear and we will be proud to have supplied.

Despite this "non-production-line" approach our prices remain very competitive and we are showing below some typical uniform garments and prices for your guidance. All our garments are individually made-to-measure, and we will be happy to quote for your particular requirements.

Should you require an extra special quality garment we also offer a bespoke tailoring service. In this range each garment is individually built to the very highest standards by a fully experienced military tailor with minute attention to detail and finish.

Please contact us with your requirements for an individual quotation. For made-to-measure or bespoke tailoring please contact us by phone, fax email or post.

We are showing below some examples of typical uniform styles and prices. The prices quoted are intended as a guide only and are for a made-to-measure version of the example shown. The price does not include for additional badges, rank insignia or other special requirements We will be happy to give you a firm quotation for your own particular requirements without any obligation.

We have divided the uniform items shown below into four categories

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Dress and Frock tunics


Lifeguard Field Officer's tunic from  585.00

Lifeguard O/R's tunic from 275

Hussar pelisse, tunic and pantaloons (Napoleonic) from  875


11th Hussar Dolman 1854

Price on Application


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Late Victorian Hussar style officer's tunic.Example shown is Viceroy's Bodyguard-India.
Price quoted for basic sleeve ornamentation, not as in picture from  565.00

Royal Engineers officer's or senior NCO's tunic. Velvet facings.Ran k insignia extra from 295.00

Infantry O/R Coatee 

(Crimea period) from 315

1856 pattern Infantry officer's tunic 

(Field Officer RWF) from  £305.00

Infantry Officer's 

patrol jacket from 295

Infantry India pattern Infantry officer's frock tunic from  295.00

1880 pattern Infantry Officer's tunic £305 

Field officer's ornamentation as shown in this example additional

1870 pattern O/R's 

tunic from  285.00

1873 Infantry O/R Frock

tunic from  285

Post 1891 Infantry officer's 

frock from  295

O/R's Frock tunic 

(Scottish Regt's) from  285

O/R Khaki drill tunic 

(Boer War) from  195

Lancer tunic

from £350.00


Infantry Shell jackets and Mess dress


1853 pattern Officer's 

shell jacket from 285

O/R Shell jacket from  265


stable jacket from  335



Officer's mess 

jacket and waistcoat from  460

Frockcoats and Greatcoats


NEW Royal Artilleryofficer's frockcoat 1855



Hussar Officer's frockcoat (similar also worn by Guards and other Corps)  435.00

1856 InfantryOfficer's frockcoat, gilded buttons   


Infantry Officer's greatcoat, gilded buttons   



Trousers, overalls, trews and breeches




Made to measure from 145.00




We are very proud to announce that we were commissioned by the Isle of Man Government to design and produce a tunic and belt for the official Sword bearer to wear at the opening of the Island's parliament - the Tynwald - in July 2000. The tunic was based on a Victorian Infantry officer's dress tunic and the sleeve embroidery and epaulettes were based on traditional Isle of Man Celtic knot designs. The gold lace belt was based on a Victorian cavalry officer's pattern with a gilt plate clasp bearing the IoM three legged device in silver As you will see the tunic was very closely inspected by HRH The Prince of Wales and his pleasure and approval is evident!




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