A Royal Welch Fusilier
1854 (Crimean War) with Trotter knapsack and all equipment

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1854 O/R waistbelt. With sewn on bayonet frog and securing loop for pouch belt Fitted with General service clasp N/A
1850 O/R waistbelt fitted with laced adjustment in place of brass loops (See 1854 belt for general Arrangement) N/A
1854 Sergeant's waistbelt with brass securing loop for pouchbelt and fitted with General Service clasp. No sewn on bayonet frog N/A
1854 Bayonet frog (Sergeant's) £14.00
1854 Cap pouch, brown leather lined with sheepskin, fitted to waistbelt £16.00
1854 pattern Trotter knapsack. Black waterproofed canvas on wooden frame. RWF pattern shown with black leather strapping, black leather corner re-inforcement and buff internal straps. Other regimental configurations to order £65.00
Support straps RWF pattern black leather/ buff leather straps and RWF buckle arrangements are shown. We hold patterns for other regimental configurations £25.00
1854 Black leather ammo pouch and buff leather shoulder strap. Brass fittings £60.00
1854 Messtin straps Buff leather, brass buckles £15.00
1854 Greatcoat straps Buff leather with fixed and sliding loops, brass buckle                                                           per pair
Messtin, as u sed throughout the whole period
Complete with inner tray. ( Overseas customers please note that our normal 10% postal charge does not apply to this item Please add £5.00 p&p for unregistered mailing. An additional amount is required for recorded or registered mailing - see the note at the bottom of our order form in "Place your order" section )
Messtin cover (black oilskin)  
1854 pattern Haversack, white duck with sliding loop adjustment £8.00
1850 Round wooden waterbottle with metal bands. Painted blue and fully watertight, Wooden bung. £45.00
Leather carrying strap with brass buckle £15.00
Rifle sling 1853 pattern to fit Enfield. Buf f leather, brass buckle. (Rifle sling 1860 pattern to fit Whitworth also available at same price) £18.00


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