Full 1871 Valise equipment on the uniform of a Colour Sergeant 24th Regt. (2nd Warwickshire) 1879
Yes, we know the Valise was not worn on the field at Isandlwana

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Waist belt with General Service buckle


Early pattern (1870) ammo pouch in black leather with long flap     £35.00
Ammo pouch (2 required) each £28.00
Ball bag. Black leather, buff strap £45.00
Brace straps, per set £45.00
Greatcoat straps, per set £15.00
messtin, as used throughout the whole period
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Mess tin straps (should be stitched to valise) £9.00
Mess tin cover (black oilskin)  
Valise (black oilskin) £65.00
1871 valise support straps. Buff leather with brass buckles Per pair £15.00
Bayonet frog O/R £14.00
Bayonet frog with strap and buckle £18.00
Haversack (natural or white) £18.00
Italian (Oliver) water bottle. Fully watertight  
Buff leather carriage. All joints hand-stitched £20.00
Leather carriage in best quality bridle leather
Black (Rifle Regiments) or Brown (Cavalry)
Entrenching tool carrier (early pattern) £26.00
Rifle sling, buff leather £15.00
Rifle sling, black or brown leather £20.00
Black leather gaiters, per pair £27.00
Replica bayonet to fit Martini Henry with black leather sheath £45.00
Replica Martini-Henry rounds cast in solid pewter with brass finish, each  
Pre 1882 Mounted Infantry Bandolier. No sealed pattern, usually made by regimental saddler ( Rounds not included ) £60.00

Zulu War 1879.
In addition to the 1871 Valise equipment listed above, all the items listed below will be of special interest to Zulu War enthusiasts and for their convenience we have extracted them from various other sections of this catalogue and grouped them together here. They will also still ap pear in the respective categories of the catalogue.

24th O/R's frock tunic (rank insignia not included) N/A
24th Officer's India pattern frock tunic N/A
24th Officer's blue patrol jacket N/A
Basic helmet with domed ventilator, covered in white and with buff leather band and brim, ready for whitening. Leather chinstrap. For more detailed description, see Headress section N/A
O/R waistbelt, 1871 pattern with 24th buckle £38.00
1871 O/R Pattern Waistbelt, Brown leather with brass snake clasp (Naval Brigade) £38.00
24th Waistbelt clasp £12.00
24th Officers waistbelt clasp, gold plated £35.00
24th O/R helmet plate (last shako)
As worn Isandlwana 1879
24th Officer's helmet plate (last shako)
As worn Isandlwana 1879
Glengarry badge £10.00
24th epaulette numerals, per pair £12.00
Sphinx collar badge, per pair £11.00
Rank insignia, gold lace on red background
Lance Corporal

Sergeant Major
Recruiting sergeants Crossed flags badge in bullion embroidery
Colour sergeants Crossed flags badge in bullion embroidery

24th Officer's Undress forage cap 1855 pattern. Dark blue cloth with black silk embroidered band and sphinx over 24 numerals. Flat leather peak and chinstrap.Netted boss and figured braiding to top N/A
Glengarry cap (No regim ental badge) N/A
1867 (last pattern) Shako. Covered in dark blue cloth with black and red braid to upper and lower edges. Leather peak. Brass chin chain and rosettes with extra hooked rosette at rear. Woolen ball tuft (state colour required) Regimental plate not included N/A
Officer's brown leather shoulder holster and strap £55.00

Natal Carbineers helmet plate.Silver plated.As worn in Zulu War

Natal Carbineers pouch badge. Silver plated £18.00
Natal Carbineers epaulette insignia Silver plated per pair £16.00
17th Lancers death-head badge. Silver plated N/A


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