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2003 ... Charlotte will be starring in new film "Hey DJ"
Charlotte will be starring in new film with a child hood friend of hers named Jon Jacobs. He is listed on the
He has done many films including Lucinda's Spell.
The film is an independent film called Hey DJ. It is a comedy about a Miami DJ who becomes romantically involved with three women at once. Charlotte will be one of them! The film will be made in Miami later this year. And will come out in 2003.
I know this because I wrote the movie! The film is currently listed as HOUND DOG (the movie's working title) in the Internet Movie Database.
But we have sent the internet movie database an updated title and updated info, so it will be changed soon.
Tell everyone on your site about Hey DJ and Charlotte's return to the big screen. Jon Jacobs is producing and will be playing the lead character in Hey DJ. Update your site soon!
James Ricardo (screenwriter of HEY DJ)
Southern California, USA

July 2002 ... Charlotte to act in theater production
Charlotte has been cast in an upcoming theater production "SECRET IDENTITY" opening July 12th, 2002.
Playing at "THE BIZ" "Oscar Theater" home of the acclaimed "Hollywood Film Inst. 1223 Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA .

Who is she ?

Born on the 7th August 1967 in Kensington London, Charlotte Lewis is an actress most noted for her appearance in the Golden Child.


Title Year Character
Hey DJ 2003 Thai
Henry the Tenth 2003 Mrs Morgan
"Highlander: The Raven" episode The Frame 1.16 1998 Jade
Every Dog Has Its Day 1997 Jill
Mutual Needs 1997 Louise Collier
Navajo Blues 1996 Elizabeth Wyako
The Glass Cage 1996 Jacqueline
The Red Shoe Diaries VI : How I Met My Husband 1996
Decoy 1995 Katya
Seinfeld #97 "The Switch" 1995
Embrace of the Vampire 1994 Sarah
Lipstick Camera 1994 Roberta Dailey
Men of War 1994
The War 1994 Amber
Viper (TV) episode: "White Fire" 1.7 1996 Evangeline Raines
Viper (TV) 1994 Raines
Excessive Force 1992 Anna Gilmour
Sketch Artist 1992 Leese
Storyville 1992 Lee
Bare Essentials 1991 Tarita
"Broken Badges" 1990 Priscilla Mather
Tripwire 1990 Trudy
Dial Help aka Ragno Gelido 1988 Jenny Cooper
The Golden Child 1986 Kee Nang
Pirates 1986 Dolores

The films I haven't seen don't appear to be available here in the UK.
So if anyone knows where I can get them from then please let me know.

Look at the Internet Movie Database for a more upto date version of this list and for details of each film.

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