Photograph  Pat Hawkes-Reed
Andrew Clegg    
Cleggy has done DJ-stuff at the Slimelight, the Whitby Gothic Weekend, and assorted other locations in his time: and on Sunday September 5 1999 he did it for Uncle Nemesis at the Underworld, between bursts of live noise from Covenant, Attrition, and Hexedene. Note certain tracks by a mystery artist called 'Nervechannel' in this list. Nervechannel is Cleggy himself plus partner-in-crime Terv. Email him if you want to know more! Here is the magic list:

Nervechannel - Extended Chemical Sigh
Front 242 - Junkdrome
Eat Static - Interceptor
Thee Angels ov Light meet Thee Angry
Love Orchestra - Untitled
Haujobb - Journey Ahead


Front Line Assembly - Columbian Necktie
Juno Reactor - God is Dead (Rock of Sion mix)


Nerechannel: Song of Stone
:Wumpscut: - Thorns
Xyphax - Intraphonie
Beach Buddha - Glass Voices


Underworld - Kittens
Front 242 - Crushed

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