DJ Playlists

Nemesis gigs featured between-band noise by assorted guest DJs from the London club circuit...and beyond. Here are some of our wheels-of-steel stars, and the tunes they played.....

Scary Lady Sarah   Scary Lady Sarah     Andrew & Liz   Andrew & Liz
samsam   samsam     Ian Carter   Ian Carter
John Gothwin   John Gothwin     Andrew Clegg   Andrew Clegg
Fross   Fross     Eleonora   Elenora
Synne   Synne     Pete Scathe   Pete Scathe
Ben   Ben     Dave   Dave
Petit Scarabée   Petit Scarabée     Steve Slimelight   Steve Slimelight
Lisa & Clive   Lisa & Clive     E23   E23
Mark Rimmell   Mark Rimmell