Scary Lady Sarah
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Scary Lady Sarah
Scary Lady Sarah's set is from the Whitby Warm-Up show at the Borderline, October 25, 1998. Our on-stage stars on the night were Sunshine Blind, Funhouse, and Stages of Cruelty. Here's what we danced to between the bands:

New Model Army- Queen of My Heart
Black Ocean Drowning- The River
Calling Dead Red Roses- Creeping Death
Gravedance- Ascension
Savior Servant- A Means To An End
You Shriek- Chrypostrophe
Battery- Gangsta's Paradise

(Stages of Cruelty)

Faith & the Muse- Silver Circle
Autumn- Desert Winds of Jezebel
Faithful Dawn- I Am Nothing


Judith- Sahara Seas
Gossamer- Run
Element- The Sound of Angels
Malaise- Sudden Hours
Ikon- Subversion
Morbus Kitahara- Temple of Light
Nekromantik- Saturnalia

(Sunshine Blind)

Clan of Xymox: Out of the Rain

....and then the house lights came up, and it was everyone-home-to-their-own-beds time. Thanks to Scary Lady Sarah for a very fine tunestack: follow this link to Chicago for more. Now back to the plot...

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