Photo by Linden Fulcher

On November 3 1999 we had the pleasure of The Breath Of Life and Passion Play at the Underworld. Both bands were warming up for the Whitby Gothic Weekend: the London gig, just before the main event, featuring selected highlights of the Whitby band line-up, is now a bit of a tradition round these parts. Our DJ was Eleonora, of the mysterious Darklife organisation, who produce an excallent fanzine which covers all sorts of Europe-wide stuff. Info here. With only two bands this time, we had time for a longer DJ set. Don't ask me where amongst all this the live bands came in - I can't remember!

Midnight Syndicate - Born Of The Night
Ataraxia - Mundus est jocundum
Die Form - Cantique 1
The Last Fall - Flood In Light
Switchblade Symphony - Dissolve
Diamanda Galas - My World is Empty Without You
J-Werk - Lucy Dreams
Unknown - Sometime
The Mission - Crystal Ocean
Project Pitchfork - The Animal
Project X - It's All Gone
Ikon - Ghost In My Head
Rosetta Stone - Nothing (Important)
Death In June - Little Blue Butterfly
Unknown - Holy War
Attrition - Atomizer
Die Form - Masochist 4
Melotron - 2 Young 2 Die
D.A.F. - Der Mussolini
Velvet Acid Christ - Decipher
Seraphin Shock - After Dark
Project Pitchfork - Carnival

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