Photo by Olga Kalantzi


samsam's selections come from the launch party for the Horatii's album 'Succour Punch' at the Underworld, March 13, 1999. Also on the bill were Vyvyan and Waterglass. Here's the between-band tunestack:

Spindle Shanks: Clever
Sabot: Sleep
Collection d'Arnell~Andrea: Deafening Breath
Autumn: How It Came to Be This Way
The Dreamside: Nuda Veritas (Remix)
The Breath of Life: Impromptu
This Burning Effigy & Julianne Regan: Exquisite


The Breath of Life: Keeping Myself
The Nymphs: Revolt
Killing Miranda: H8Red
The Pixies: Is She Weird?
Rachel Stamp: Superstars of Heartache


Needulhed: Rajababa
Sneaky Bat Machine: Boneshaker
The Crüxshadows: Monster
Narcissus Pool: Narcissist
Deathwatch Beetle Repairman: Drying in the Sun
The Last Dance: Do You Believe in Angels (Screaming Kitty Mix)
Switchblade Symphony: Drool
The Creatures: Exterminating Angels
Faithful Dawn: I am Nothing (Harvey Summers Mix)
Rome Burns: Catharsis

(The Horatii)

Concrete Blonde: It'll Chew You Up and Spit You Out
Battery: This Much (Hate Dept. Remix)

samsam is a veteran of many London clubs, including the Slimelight, Nefarious, Malice Underground and the Bratcave. Links/info for these clubs (and more) can be found inside the Slaghuis.

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