John Gothwin    
On March 28, 1999, Funhouse, Die Laughing and Leisure Hive descended upon the Borderline for one of Uncle N's Soho extravaganzas. Our DJ on this occasion was John Gothwin, who's best known for his DJ sets at Southampton's Dungeon club. Here's his playlist from the gig. It's a slightly shorter selection than usual, due to both Funhouse and Die Laughing playing 60-minute sets. But top quality all the way!

Play Dead - Walk Away
Corpus Delicti - Circle
Rosetta Stone - Leave me for Dead
The Creatures - Exterminating Angel
Switchblade Symphony - Mine Eyes

(Leisure Hive)

This Burning Effigy - An Untold Release
Love Like Blood - Walking in Demimondes
The Dreadful Shadows - True Faith
Passion Play - Name no Names

(Die Laughing)

Sunshine Blind - Regodless
Children on Stun - Whisky-a-go-go
Medicine Rain - See Them Coming
Rosetta Stone - Plastic Toy


Stun - Feltch

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