Ghana Universities


The Universities of Ghana Overseas Office, London, will from time to time serve as an external examination centre for UEE candidates who have completed a three year Senior Secondary School (passed the Ghana SSS Examination or its equivalent) and are living abroad and wish to enter any of the Universities in Ghana, beginning from First Semester (September/October) each year.

UEE Forms may be obtained from the Admissions Office of any of the Universities in Ghana or from:

The Overseas Representative

Universities of Ghana Overseas Office

321 City Road

London, EC1V 1LJ


Examination Fees: £30.00 should be sent with application for UEE forms. Cheques should be made payable to Universities of Ghana

Closing Date for submission of completed UEE Forms to London is: end of February each year.

UEE examinations will be held at the same time, at centres in Ghana and London, UK

Candidates who register for the UEE in Ghana and travel abroad may wish to arrange to write the examination as external candidates. External candidates should send a copy of their UEE Registration slip and details of their SSS Electives plus a fee of £30.00 for re-registration at the Overseas Examination Centre, London.

The Overseas Representative, London

February 1998