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Latest Updates

23 July'02 Another remix from our amigo Yogi.  Check out the So In Love (Yogi's Heavy Mix) in the Remixes section

Also, Britestar's* excellent cover of Joan of Arc (the winner of our first poll) was mysteriously missing from the site.  Thanks to our crack team of international super-spies, the track has been recovered and added to the covers section again!

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17th July'02 Updates and additions to the Official Covers section.  Images for Eggs and Another Sunny Day albums have been added.  The Eggs image includes a link to purchase their LP directly from Teen Beat.  Thanks to Paul Browne for these.

Also added, compliments of Kevin Pretlove (Aggy) of Compiled, information about OMD covers by Suspicious, LB Trondheim, and DJ Manta.

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13th July'02 Our German friend Yogi chimes in with his remix of Talking Loud and Clear.  We lost one of his mixes during one of our moves, and we are glad to have him back.

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10th July'02 The OMD Live section has been updated with info on a July 26th Synthetic club night at Sheffield University Student Union.  

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8th July'02 We have just added a great new "In The Style of" track by Elektroniqa entitled Wrestless People.  Visit for the lyrics, more music, and info.

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3rd July'02 A new month and a new cover by a new contributor in a new style.  Check out The Dirt Surfers' radical version of Enola Gay.  More of their music is available for download and purchase
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26th June'02 A new cover by a first time contributor.  Messages (Mute), by D Marcs and P Marsh.

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17th June'02 Lots to talk about today.  First up are two new sections to the site:

OMD Live - A calendar of upcoming gigs where you can see/hear a live band cover an OMD song or two.  Contact us if you know of an upcoming event.

Official Covers - A discography of official sanctioned releases of OMD covers including  album art, audio clips, and links for purchasing music.  Let us know if we are missing anything.

Next up is a new cover from The Centroid.  This one is of the hardcore OMD fan favorite Sealand.

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12th June'02 The updates keep coming and the In the Style of... page is beginning to look full...Today, we are delighted to add two tracks from The Centroid (one under the name AOTL with his brother). Both are cracking tracks and not to be missed. We look forward to The Centroid's remix of Sealand very soon...

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11th June'02 More additions to the In the Style of... page. Lorenzo from Italian band Syrian has 3 tracks available for download. Watch this space - there are two more contributors waiting in the wings too...

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10th June'02 Thanks to Paul Browne for the new title graphic (and for including our updates in the News section of the Official OMD site).

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7th June'02 First-up, we have the new Music in the Style of OMD page. This is an chance for all our contributors to show us what they do when they are not recording OMD songs. To get the ball rolling, Jim and I have contributed tracks, and we have a superb track from Invisible College. Watch out for more original music very soon.
Also, we have our longest remix yet, from a new contributor. Koen Kroeze has contributed his marathon 6 minute 24 remix of Julia's Song.

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Previous Updates...

27th May'02 New remixes added by Roger Erickson.  First up is his very cool take on Invisible College's cover of OMD's Almost (whew!).  Then we get his remix of Walk Tall which puts him one song closer to remixing the complete Sugar Tax album.

21st May'02 Believe it or not, but someone remixed Architecture and MoralityWelcome our newest contributor, Bosse (Bo Nordin).
NEW POLL!  Which is your favorite remix?
Congratulations to
Britestar* for grabbing most of the votes with "Joan of Arc," and to Invisible College for grabbing the most votes overall in our "Favorite Cover" poll.  See the new Archived Polls section for complete results.
20th May'02
Another Messages cover.  This one is by Elektroniqa and is well worth the download!
17th May'02 It's only fair I suppose. My attempt at Souvenir is to download. You may laugh! (Adrian)

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We still plan to expand our horizons with:

"We Love You : The unofficial OMD Tribute CD"
Still in the early stages of discussion... We'd like to go a step further and produce a CD of the very best cover versions produced by OMD fans....
Watch this space...

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Comments and contributions are ALWAYS gratefully received...
Please email Jim or Adrian if you have any comments or suggestions, or if you have a track to submit.