Engineering & Science

Handbook of Coatings for Concrete

Edited by Dr. R. Bassi, Building Research Establishment, UK and
Professor S.K. Roy, Graduate Programme of the Civil Engineering Department, Petra Christian University, Indonesia.


234 x 156 mm c.320 pp hardback
Due October, 2001

ISBN 1-870325-82-6

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In the field of construction, the maintenance and repair of concrete structures has become a core activity and the protection of concrete is thus of primary concern. Coatings for concrete should protect against corrosion of the reinforcement and against surface attack. This book addresses the whole subject in a practical way looking at the chemistry, applications and use of the major categories of coatings. The authors are all specialists in their field, resulting in an important and invaluable book for anyone with an interest in the subject.

Practitioners, researchers and students in civil and building engineering, concrete technology and chemistry, paint and coatings chemistry and related subjects.

Bullet Contents:

Coated concrete - why, what and how -|- Basic paint technology -|- Acrylic and styrene/acrylic polymers -|- Cement-based and fibre-reinforced coatings -|- Cross-linking acrylic cement mixtures -|- Use of epoxy resin systems -|- Polyurethanes. Silanes, siloxanes and silicone resins as coatings -|- Silicate paints -|- Anti-carbonation coatings -|- Coatings for cathodic protection of steel reinforcement -|- Use of coatings for desalination and re-alkalisation treatment of concrete -|- Selection and international tests for coatings -|- Surface preparation and application of coatings -|- Emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) -|- Soiling, colour changes and coatings on concrete surfaces -|- General principles of biocide application in paint coatings -|- Methodologies for assessing the biological resistance of exterior paint films -|- Review of dynamic crack-bridging tests -|- Case studies -|- Sources of manufacturers, testing and certifying houses and consultants -|- Index.


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