Engineering & Science Titles

Handbook of Coatings for Concrete
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The first of a short series dealing with coatings of materials in construction – a practical approach dealing with the materials and their applications. Ideal for anyone in civil and building engineering, concrete technology, paint and coatings technology.
Learning from Construction Failures: Applied Forensic Engineering
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This book contains contributions from a number of distinguished international experts and considers many facets of what has become termed forensic engineering. Numerous case studies from modern and historic buildings and structures provide a book of value for both practitioners and students.
Manual of Aerial Survey: Primary Data Acquisition
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This comprehensive and completely updated textbook on the theory and practice of aerial survey follows an earlier work, Manual of Aerial Photography. It will continue to be the standard reference for air survey flight crews, academics and students.

Principles and Practice of Testing in Construction
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Volume 1 in the Testing and Construction Series Editors: David Doran and Clive Cockerton The initial volume deals with issues including collection, presentation and interpretation of data, laboratories and test equipment, quality management and standards.
The Principles of Thermal Sciences and their Application to Engineering
This book presents an integrated approach to thermodynamics and heat transfer suitable for undergraduates on a number of courses.
Off-Site Fabrication: Prefabrication, Pre-assembly and Modularization
A complete guide to all aspects of prefabrication for the construction industry with numerous case studies and examples from around the world.
Datums and Map Projections
A practical guide for those working with spatially referenced data and the problems that may be associated with datums and map projections.
Supporting The City - The Influence of Engineering on Glasgow's Buildings
This book brings together a selection of Glasgow’s more famous buildings and describes them from an engineering perspective - but in a way that is interesting and readily understood.
Eminent Civil Engineers: Their 20th Century Life and Times

A fascinating accumulation of anecdotes, helpful advice and wisdom from thirty professionals in 20th century civil engineering in which each has written a short article highlighting a particular facet of their career, producing a highly readable book for professionals or those considering a career in engineering.
Everest - the Man and the Mountain
We have all heard of the mountain, but what of the man? This is the only detailed account of this extraordinary man - a fascinating blend of scholar and explorer.
Digital Imaging
The perfect introduction for anyone dealing with digital cameras and imaging, scanner, or the use of images.
Maths for Map Makers
An introduction to the subject presented in an easy, readable style with numerous worked examples and exercises.
Construction Disputes: Avoidance and Resolution
An essential guide to the various aspects of construction disputes and how best to avoid them. Written by experts for anyone in the construction industry, practitioner or student.
Small Format Aerial Photography
A complete practical guide to the subject for engineers, applied scientists, environmentalists and those in agriculture, forestry and related subjects. A cost effective technique that gives rapid results.
Close range Photogrammetry and Machine Vision
New paperback edition just published.
A full update on the subject highlighting technological advances, but providing all the theory and applications.
Sprayed Concrete: Properties, Design and Application
An authoritative and comprehensive book which provides essential information for correct design, specification and construction.
The Geological Interpretation of Well Logs 2nd edition
A new edition of the established, standard text on the subject, updated and including new topics.
Roofs and Roofing: Design and Specification Handbook
The most comprehensive book available on this subject. Highly acclaimed.
Cores and Core Logging for Geologists
The only book available to provide a thorough account of coring methods and the interpretation of data gathered from core observation and analysis.
Topics in Environmental and Safety Aspects of Combustion Technology
Combustion chemistry forms the unifying theme for the chapters in this book which consider a number of environmental and safety aspects of the subject. Ideal for students - numerous examples and exercises.
Preparation for the Professional Reviews of the Institution of Civil Engineers
The established book, now in its third edition, specifically for candidates for the Chartered Professional Review, Incorpo-rated Professional Review and Technical Professional Review of the Institution of Civil Engineers which provides a complete understanding of the requirements of the ICE and the Reviews.
Direct Electric Curing of Concrete
The only practical guide and analysis of the subject.

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