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Sprayed Concrete: Properties, Design and Application

Dr. S.A. Austin and Dr. P.J. Robins, Senior Lecturers, Department of Civil Engineering, Loughborough University

234 156 mm; 388pp hardback
liberally illustrated
ISBN 1-870325-01-X
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An authoritative and comprehensive treatment covering design, installation and performance of sprayed concrete. The three sections deal with materials technology, design and installation and applications. The international team of experienced authors comprises consultants, contractors, materials technologists and manufacturers, and equipment suppliers. The book provides essential information for correct design, specification and construction.  
Practising and consulting engineers, contractors, and academics in civil and structural engineering, concrete and materials technology. Reference for students.

Bullet Contents

Section I - Sprayed concrete as a construction material:
Introduction to sprayed concrete -|- Materials -|- Specialist preblended materials -|- Production and installation -|- Physical properties

Section II - Design and installation:
Materials selection, specification and quality control -|- Design for structural application -|- Design for tunnel support -|- Equipment -|- Construction practice and quality control -|- Special sprayed concretes -|- Site safety

Section III - Applications:
New construction -|- Repair -|- Rock stabilization and support -|- Rock support and tunnelling -|- Cathodic protection


What the reviews say:

'The editors and chapter authors are to be congratulated on producing a substantial and timely statement on this important and actively developing technique. ...a reference work and marker for others to aim at. ... The text is very detailed, providing a mass of information rarely found in one book covering a well demarcated subject. The book should have much appeal to practitioners, students and those concerned with the development of the technique. ... A worthy addition to the serious technologist's and engineer's library'.
Magazine of Concrete Research

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