Engineering & Science

Principles and Practice of Testing in Construction - Testing in Construction Series: Volume 1

Edited by Clive Cockerton, Director, TECHNOtrade Ltd., Hertfordshire and David Doran, Consultant, London


234 x 156 mm c.256 pp hardback
liberally illustrated
Due November, 2001

ISBN 1-870325-22-2

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The first volume in the Testing in Construction series provides an introductory handbook to the essentials of the subject. In addition to a brief history of the subject, the authors deal with issues of fundamental importance, including laboratory planning, quality control and handling data. As a stand-alone volume it presents a concise application of this important aspect of construction - as part of the series, it forms the foundation of a valuable guide to good practice.

Consulting engineers and designers in civil and structural engineering; contractors and testing houses; civil, structural and materials engineers in academia, government and non- governmental research, information organisations and accreditation bodies; architects and chartered surveyors; postgraduate and advanced undergraduates in these disciplines.

Bullet Contents:

History of testing -|- The philosophy of testing-|- The collection and presentation of data-|- Laboratory planning and testing equipment-|- Quality management-|- Standards and codes of practice-|- Future developments-|- Index.


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