Engineering & Science
Datums and Map Projections

Dr. J.C. Iliffe, Senior Lecturer in Geodesy, Department of Geomatic Engineering, University College London

234 156 mm; c.192pp; paperback; c.80 diagrams and map projections
ISBN 1-870325-28-1
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This book is a practical guide for those working with spatially referenced data and the problems that may be associated with datums and map projections. There has been a vast increase in the use of spatial data in recent years due to the development of geographic information systems for handling and manipulating data in digital form and also the development of techniques such as the global positioning system and satellite (or airborne) remote sensing. Increasingly, this is a subject that many non-specialists find they have to deal with and the book makes the issues clear without assuming any prior knowledge. The book focuses on solving the problems encountered when combining data from different sources, and explores short cuts applicable when incomplete information is available. There are many practical examples and extensive case studies and appendices of essential formulae.

Datums and Map Projections is aimed at those working in surveying, remote sensing, geographic information systems and related areas, and therefore covers a wide range of scales and accuracy targets.
Bullet Contents

Introduction -|- Two and three dimensional coordinate systems -|- Height and the geoid -|- Global, regional and local datums -|- The global positioning system -|- Aspects of datum transformations -|- Fundamentals of map projections -|- Cylindrical projections -|- Azimuthal projections -|- Conic projections -|- Other projections -|- Summary of information required -|- Direct transformations -|- Case studies -|- References and Appendices

What the reviews say:

'What a wonderful little book! this is a very practical guide to the apparently mysterious world of datums and map projections. ... provides readers with clear and concise explanations, which are amply illustrated with practical solutions to real problems. ... this is a first class book, worthy of recommendation to students and professional practitioners alike'.
Photogrammetric Record.
'The book is a welcome addition to the Whittles stable of geomatics texts ... I'll certainly be recommending it to my students!'
SoC Bulletin
''An economical text which is compulsory reading for today's mapmakers. This is a timely little book aimed at bringing to a new and rapidly growing professional group some understanding of the geodetic principles underlying the positional aspects of geographic data and its presentation by maps. ... Jon Iliffe has produced an economical text which will prove very useful to all those new mapmakers ... Indeed ... would suggest it becomes compulsory reading before anyone attempts to use maps to display positionally referenced data. It will also be of value to all surveying students ... '
Surveying World

'... the author of this book should be congratulated on providing a clear explanation of the terminology, relationships, transformations and computations involved when combining data from different sources'. '... well detailed case studies, which depict common problems encountered by users of spatial data and their solutions'. '... the content is quite generic and suitable for anyone involved in the use of spatial data'. '... ideal for anyone trying to come to grips with the complexities of datums and map projections'.

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