Engineering & Science
Off-Site Fabrication: Prefabrication, Pre-assembly and Modularization

Alistair G.F.Gibb, Senior Lecturer and Research Manager, Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University of Technology

234 156 mm; 288pp; 180 photographs and drawings; hardback
ISBN 1-870325-77-X

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A complete guide to the whole topic of off-site fabrication is one of international interest, providing as it does an effective construction technique in terms of quality, time, cost, function, productivity and safety. It is adopted worldwide as the ideal means of producing an immense array of elements from structural members, cladding units, bathrooms to fully finished modular buildings. This book provides a complete guide to the subject, by considering the principles, context, applications and implications and in great part consists of many illustrative case studies.  
Practitioners, researchers and students in civil and structural engineering, building and construction, construction management and related subjects.

Bullet Contents:

Context: Scope -|- Codification -|- Historical and international context.

Principles: Time -|- Cost -|- Quality -|- Predictability and productivity -|- Safety, health and environment -|- Interfaces and coordination -|- Implementing innovations -|- Re-usability and re-locatability -|- Project-wide strategy.

Applications: Residential -|- Light industrial -|- Commercial -|- Retail -|- Institutional (schools/universities) -|- Civil engineering -|- Engineering construction -|- Offshore -|- Building services -|- Temporary/re-locatable/emergency -|- Remote sites -|- Refurbishment.

Case Studies: Consists of numerous international examples.

Implications: Procurement strategy -|- Design implications -|- Information technology -|- Pre-installation trial assemblies -|- Transportation and installation -|- Optimising on-site work -|- Retraining.

Action: Project-wide strategy for off-site fabrication -|- Project characteristics -|- Applying the strategy to maximise benefits.

Bibliography -|- Index.

What the reviews say:

'This practical book provides a complete guide to the subject, covering the principles, applications and implications for design and construction. Numerous case studies and examples from around the world illustrate the flexibility and adaptability of off-site fabrication. Practitioners, researchers and students in civil and structural engineering, building and construction, will find the book provides excellent guidance to the technology and its effective implementation'.
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'... it should appeal to a very wide audience, from students to construction managers. Hopefully it should inspire them to rethink the construction process'.

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