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Scanning programs for restricted statements CICS UPDATE
Cross reference listing of CSD - for MVS CICS UPDATE
RDO and PA/PF key program invocation CICS UPDATE
VSAM KSDS processing in REXX - an alternative VSAM UPDATE
CICS/400 - the viable alternative CICS UPDATE
Generic printing from CICS/MVS and CICS/400 CICS UPDATE
ISPF commands - a simpler invocation MVS UPDATE
Improved ISPF productivity MVS UPDATE
Enhanced fastpath edit/browse - in REXX The TSO/ISPF toolkit
Creating ISPF command synonyms The TSO/ISPF toolkit

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Index of other articles

Article Title Publication

OS/VS COBOL to COBOL/MVS - conversion notes and tips Unpublished
Miscellaneous REXX Execs for ISPF Unpublished