The Moment of Truth

Sat 25/9/99, ITV
Audience: 6.77m (24th) BARB

The Moment of Truth

Another challenge show but of a less-spectacular and more sadistic nature. Cilla Black introduces three families, one member of each is given a tricky but not impossible task (tonight's were knocking ten ducks off a wooden frame with a yo-yo, remembering the barcodes of ten items for Sunday roast, and the old steady-hand fairground trembler game). Video diaries of their week leading up to the attempt are filmed, usually with the chosen family member looking more and more stressed as Saturday approaches. The prizes if they win are fantastic: one family stood to gain a family car, a holiday in Mauritius, another in France and a cabin bed. When they fail as two of the three did tonight the children are given a lesser prize. I can't help feeling really sorry for those that don't make it - surely it must put a strain on relationships afterward? **

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