Night Fever

Sat 2/10/99, Channel 5
Audience: 1.32m (19th) BARB

Night Fever

Suggs is the amiable host of this show where minor celebrities and the studio audience show off their singing skills or the lack of them. Two teams representing the Girls and the Boys take part in a number of Karaoke sessions with marks given out by a special guest: this week the turn of 70s heart-throb David Essex who also performed three of his hits. Sadly Mr Essex didn't seem to be singing live which is a bit of a cheat. Anyway, perhaps a little long (I defy anyone to watch a whole programme without going to iron a shirt, put on some make-up or wash your hair) but then it's supposed to be a pre-Saturday night warm-up for the clubs. Best performance this week was easily Michaela Strachan's rendition of I Only Want to Be With You. Good for a laugh... ***

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