The Power List

Sat 23/10/99, Channel 4

Tim Berners-Lee

For the second year, Channel 4 and the Observer newspaper have put together a panel to list the 300 most powerful and influencial people in British life today. Many of the listed are not British of course, with foreign business leaders, bankers and politicians topping the charts. The internet and IT in general are well represented including Bill Gates at number two, the CEOs of Yahoo and Amazon and the inventor of the world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee. This one hour special introduced the new list prior to the Sunday Observer but while it may be interesting to skim through over Sunday breakfast, the lack of personalities makes it, for me, extremely dull television. Perhaps it needs a comic presenter like Graham Norton to spice it up. Either that, or I should stick to polls that suit me more, like the TV Times TV Awards... *

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