Mr Rock 'N Roll

Sun 19/9/99, Channel 4
Audience: not reported (less than 1.99m) BARB

Mr Rock'n'Roll

The series on Rock managers centred around legendary ELO boss and Jet Records owner Don Arden this week. From his humble Jewish beginnings and his time as promoter of many sixties bands including The Small Faces, to his rise to the top with ELO and subsequent decline, this documentary showed only the tip of the iceberg of Don hardman approach to business. Threatened and delivered violence, chart-hyping and the greasing of Senator's palms were I'm sure only a few of his direct methods of management. With long silent takes on Arden's face this film glossed over some of the details, especially the accountant problems that lead to his downfall. Interesting, and despite insights from the likes of Don Black and Kenny Lynch not nearly deep enough. Perhaps there is still a story to be told? ***

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