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Ko Ken Ryu Karate Jutsu

Ko Ken Ryu Karate Jutsu was formed by Dr Andy Roosen in 2000 after he had been the main instructor to the University of Nottingham Karate Club for some time.  This dojo became the honbu.  Since Andy's relocation to the Pacific, the dojo has been run by sensei Ian Staples who himself has been a member of the club since the mid nineties.  

Over the years, Ko Ken Ryu Karate Jutsu evolved from a number of dojo to a conceptual approach of recognising, researching and presenting application driven karate.

As such, Ko Ken Ryu Karate Jutsu represents a body of like-minded karate-ka researching karate as an all round self defence and fighting system, examining applications that rely on sound underlying scientific principles.

The logo has an important symbolic and philosophical meaning. It represents the interaction of the true martial artist with his or her environment. The centre of the logo, i.e. anything within the thick inner circle is the martial artist. There are three component that make up that individual. These are represented by the three interlinked circles. One circle represents that individual's mental aspects, the other one the individual's physical aspects and the last one the individual's spiritual aspects. All three should be in harmony and balanced as the logo suggests. Then, when being in complete harmony with one's self, energy can radiate out from one's core into the world as represented by the red rays. Only if inner harmony is achieved, can one be in harmony with the outside world. The outside world is represented by the outer circle and the red and white cherry blossom petals. Red and white are in equilibrium. They appear alternate and balanced blooming in the outside world and growing from the energy that the martial artist emits. Hence, when one is at peace with one's self, one can be at peace with the world. That is the true attitude of the martial artist: perfecting yourself in order to be able to deal with the outside world.

Ko Ken Ryu Kara Te Jutsu
Old; Traditional; Ancient Fist School; Stream Empty Hand (Fighting) Art; Skill

Therefore what Ko Ken Ryu Karate Jutsu means is: 

"The Teachings of the Ancient Fist Empty Handed Combat "

Just like our logo, our name has got philosophical and symbolical meaning. It signifies the way we approach Karate. We teach Karate as a complete martial art which contains all of the original elements of combat: Striking, grappling, throwing, strangling, ground work and weapons.