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My Carma2 files

Total Conversions:

new ThrillRace 2000 *13kb*
Changes the rules of Carmageddon2; (as well as the original changes, this now includes) repair costs 3x more; opponents hellbent on winning the race; HEAVY penalty for hitting/killing an opponent; stronger penalty for killing peds; normal/sports cars race only, no trucks. New changes and edits by Chris Pfingsten, original editing by Dukester.

original ThrillRace 2000 *10kb*
Changes the rules of Carmageddon2; each race has to be completed via the checkpoints within the time given at the start; all races are against 3 random opponents (who'll only attack if provoked); hitting/killing them gives nothing, and killing a ped results in a 1 second deduction; killing all the opponents results in a disqualification (race over, zero bonus); each race is 1 to 5 laps long, and you have the time I set to do it in. The tension is hot! (this is supposed to be a sort-of copy of Konami's 'ThrillDrive' in the arcades)


Loading screens:

Appropriate loading screen for ThrillRace 2000 *303Kb*

Download C2cover loadscreen

Download Eagle3&Porker2 loadscreen

Carma2cover *394kb*

Eagle3/Porker2 *510kb*


Download Eagle3/MaxFade loadscreen

Download blurred Max loadscreen

Dead Eagle3/Max *747kb*

Max blurred with new message *256kb*


Carma2 cars:

Iron Maiden car
Iron Maiden skin *286kb*

Guns N' Roses car
Guns N' Roses skin *264kb*

DeathRace2000 skin (originally by Chevelle)
DR2k Frankenstein skin *79kb*

Classic Red Eagle1 skin
Red Eagle skin *83kb*

New Sounds:
NASCAR sound scheme (replaces some Carma2 sounds with NASCAR waves) *1.13Mb*
StarWars sound scheme (replaces some Carma2 sounds with StarWars waves) *559kb*
Thunderstorm to replace electro sound *46kb*


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