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To provide information for you, we append various articles on subjects associated with alternative medicine and its application. Links within these articles will take you to pages in our main site (

Chiropractic Manipulation Veterinary Acupuncture Veterinary Homeopathy Veterinary Herbal Medicine
AVMC Environment Policy Holistic Veterinary Medicine Natural Feeding Homeopathy for Parrots
Navicular Disease Head Shaking Laminitis Moonblindness
CDRM Acupuncture for Horses Feeding Dogs Herbs for Horses
Birds Laminitis Saddling Holism
  Pelvic Misalignment Homeopathy for Dogs  
Autoimmune Diseases Back Problems in Horses Cancer Colic
COPD Cushings Syndrome Disc Disease Dry Eye
Epilepsy Kissing Spines Mud Fever Sarcoids
Sweet Itch Outcome Study July 2007 Outcome Study Aug 2007 Outcome Study Jul/Aug

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