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AXELAY : The Bosses - Part 2

By Konami Snes/Super Famicom 1992


'The Cavern' - Stage boss 'Aquadon'

Inside an alien cave complex.. what's with spaceships always flying into caves in these games?! Oh well.. a very nice stage really which reminds me a lot of R-Type 2. As always, there's lots of cave walls to avoid, watery bits and some varied baddies, some of which cling to your ship and drag it down unless you can knock them off by bashing them against obstacles.. which is a neat idea.


Alien cave-systems eh? Wierd
and wonderful organic beasts
and slimy stuff everywhere..

        The rubber shark in Jaws has
got nothing on this fella.. it's not exactly friendly at you invading its swimming pool that's for sure.. Oh and don't get zapped by that purple beam thing - it causes your weapons to go haywire.


'Aquadon - a nearly inpenetrable floating
fortress of devastation..It covers its
enemies in a hail of lightning'.


'Lava Planet' - Stage boss 'Wayler'
Definitely the most impressive of the vertical stages is this level which takes place across an undulating fiery lava field. Look out for some huge 'Dune'-style worms (flame-proof obviously) and some Gradius style fire-dragons. And of course the awesome end-of-level pyro-mech guardian..

These two rocket-like sub-bosses appear half-way through the stage, do a little dance routine while attempting to drop rocks on you, then scarper. Chickens..


The fiery mech bloke at the end of the stage.. awesome stuff. Even better in the actual game, with brilliant animation on all those flames. You can see his weak spot
on the right, best get blasting before he barbecues you..


'Wayler - the Wayler is a ruthless freak of nature
composed of lava and metal. If his fireballs
don't get you, his punishing fists will..'


'The Armada of Annihilation's Fortress' - Stage boss ' Veinion'
The last stage is a great piece of level design, taking in a fight through a massive alien armada, the dark and eerie alien base, and a shoot-out to the death with the final boss. Luckily by this time you will have a full quota of weaponry, phew - this level is long and very difficult to get through intact, you'll need all the help you can get. The very best of luck Captain!

Your first task is to get past the
alien armada in one piece.. easier
said than done.

As you enter the alien base you come across a couple of sub-bosses - (above) this small walker droid which tries to capture you in its tractor beam and (right) this laser-spitting spaceship - which is one of my favourite bits
of the level.

    (Right) Well this is what you came for.. the final boss lies at the heart of the alien base complex.. and is a long and difficult fight. A nasty homing laser makes life very difficult, defeat the first form and the second form appears, an amorphous blob which copies your firepower and flings it back at you along with lots of little 'ghost' Axelays.. be very careful indeed..


  Phew.. mission complete then?
Best make a run for it before
everything blows up..
BUT - in best horror-film tradition, the bad guy isn't quite dead.. and re-appears to try and finish you off as you make your escape.. Take aim, and hit him right in the protoplasm where it hurts..

You did it! Give yourself a pat on the back - you deserve it. Mind you, its a hell of a long way back home.. THE END

' Veinion - there is no data on this life-force..
you will be the first to know what
horror it is capable of..'

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