Made it to the planet surface.. phew! I love the backdrop on this stage, tons of parallax and the desert sand dunes and those alien moons look lovely..


See what I mean about too much on screen at one time?! Scores of baddies hove down on your ship.. time to test those shields again Captain!


Things are really starting to heat up now.. take a look at this nasty bio-organism creeping up behind you. Shades of those
R-Type 'worms' eh?


..yet another mid-level boss, this grab was taken just as he was about to kick the bucket hence all the orange eplosions going off all around..


Here's the be-tentacled end-of-stage Boss, mind out you don't get clobbered by his swinging arms or fried by the green fireballs he shoots at you and you should be OK..

..Another gratuitous boss-death pic for y'all.. I wonder what lies in store on Stage Three for our two dashing space cadets?

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