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By Taito Super Famicom/Snes 1991


'Warning: Rather a lot of huge Battleships are approaching...'

Darius Twin was a fairly early Snes shooter which surprisingly stands up fairly well against many of the later titles released on the Nintendo machine (it's probably better than its sequel Darius Force). What I like about the Darius games are the bonkers over-sized scampi that are the bosses and Darius Twin is no exception. Take a look at this lot, and don't forget that fishing net..




A very large prehistoric fish



Two very large prehistoric fish with
frankly rather dubious paint-jobs



A very large cephalapod (that's a squid)
I think.. ..or is it a lobster?



An oversized mechanical crayfish?



This big sea-horse gives birth to lots of baby sea-horses (with rather dire results for you..)



You've got to laugh at some of these boss names -'Full Metal Shell' ?! Nice one Taito..



Now this is more like it! The penultimate boss
is this huge mother-of-a-fish battleship..



Although the last boss is a bit of a let down - this rather useless boss looks like a cross between a walrus and a vacuum cleaner..

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