GigaWing marks an unexpected return to the shoot-em-up genre for famous
Japanese producer Capcom, in conjuction with designers Takumi (producers of
Kyukyoku Tiger 2). Capcom of course previously brought us such notable
titles as the
1942 series, Sidearms, Commando, UN Squadron and Carrier
Airwing. Like the company's last two shooters 19XX and Eco Fighters,
GigaWing uses the CPS2 arcade board to bring shooter fans a game brimming
with gorgeous 2D eye-candy and Capcoms' stylish and distinctive artwork. It
continues in the tradition of UN Squadron and Aero Fighters (akaSonic Wings) in
offering a choice of imaginatively realised anime pilots, each flying their own
craft and each sporting unique weaponry. A novel feature is the games'
Reflect Force system, which allows players to bounce enemy fire back at
its source, at greater magnitude and destructive power. A Force gauge
fills with time, in a system similar Capcoms' previous fighting games such
as SF Alpha, and when it's fully charged this 'special move' can be released.
Sounds very cool indeed.. Six stages are available, all influenced by the different
characters in the game, with a seventh coming into play should you beat
the game without using continues. Gigawing should be appearing in arcades
as you read this, and I for one can't wait to give it a go..

(Below) Arcade flyers - click to view full screen versions

GigaWing is copyright of Capcom Japan Co. 1999