GLEYLANCER - NCS Corp 1992 Sega Genesis

Gleylancer is an absolutely stonking little horizontal shooter from NCS in the typical early-90's style (see also Gaiares, Eliminate Down, Thunderforce III & IV). For some reason it was never actually released outside Japan, making it something of a rarity. For this reason I'm not sure the exact storyline.. the intro seems to show some pesky aliens hyperspacing in from nowhere and capturing one of the good guys' ships (bet there's someone important on board like the Galactic Emperor of something..sneaky those alien critters..) and it's up to the only starship pilot in light-years to sort 'em out.. (right). Hmm.. she looks about 14, but I'm sure she can do it eh folks?!

Best thing about Gleylancer: The bolt-on side-weapon pods which can be configured to fire in the opposite direction to movement a la
Image Fight. Adds a lot of enjoyment to the game IMO. And possibly more fun than Last Resort on Neo-Geo which later nicked this idea.. but with less useable results.

See those white blobs.. well they are space aliens..
mounting a surprise attack they are. Swines..

Lemmee at 'em! Just Lemmee at 'em.
They are gonna pay big time.. (I mean, would
you mess with someone with shoulder pads like this??..)

I think this is a friendly ship, some kind
of intermission stage if I remember rightly.

And this is definitely a boss.. those pods can take a
variety of different arms, here I'm trying out my
Burn-Quik (TM) Flame Thrower weapon. Toasted boss.. I like..

This boss tries to catch you out while you are merrily
watching the nice sunset.. Grrrr.. the Creep..

Another boss. Quite an ugly one at that. My pods are now equipped with a cool spread-shot weapon (the pink blobs) BLAM!